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GZDW DC Screen System
GZDW DC Screen System As a high-frequency switch DC system and supporting electrical equipment suitable for various substations, it is designed and developed by our high-caliber development team that possesses rich field experience and many years of experience in development of power supply products and online operation of extensive user equipment.
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Intelligent DC Charging Pile of Electric Vehicles
DC charger: refers to a charger that uses the DC charging mode to charge the power battery assembly of electric vehicles. The DC charging mode is a mode in which the controllable DC power output from the charger directly charges the power battery assembly.
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XM-Type Distribution Box
XM lighting metering and distribution box is suitable for single-phase, three-wire or three-phase five-wire end circuits with a rated voltage of 220V or 380V and the total current on single row load not more than 80A. It is used to control and distribute electrical equipment, and protect against overloaded wires, short circuit, electric leakage, and overvoltage. It is a kind of equipment that is used by non-professionals and does not require maintenance.
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XL·21-Type Power Distribution Cabinet
It is suitable for power distribution in three-phase four-wire or three-phase five-wire systems with an AC voltage of 500V and below in power plants and industrial and mining enterprises.
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GGJ-Type Low-Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Device
It is mainly composed of stainless steel box, integrated power distribution measurement and control instrument, composite switch, capacitor, communication terminal, single-bank capacitor protector, lightning arrester, main power switch, sampling and measurement transformer, and capacitor bank operation status indicator.
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GGD Low-Voltage Fixed Switchgear
It is suitable for power users such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, and can be used for power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment on an AC 50Hz distribution system with a rated working voltage of 380V and a rated working current of 3150A.
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MNS-Type Low-Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear
The cabinet body of MNS type withdrawable switchgear adopts standard modular design, compact structure, and is composed of reinforced C-profile assembly. The cabinet frame and all internal construction are made of aluminum-coated zinc plate, with strong anti-corrosion ability. The functional units are interchangeable to improve the power supply reliability.
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GCK-Type Low-Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear
It is suitable for power distribution and motor control on AC three-phase four-wire or five-wire 400V and 50Hz power systems in power plant, metallurgy
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YBW·12-Type Prefabricated Substation
It is suitable for outdoor prefabricated substation facility that is acceptable to the public on the primary side with a rated AC voltage of 12kV, a large transformer capacity of 1600kVA
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XGN15·12-Type Enclosed Switchgear
Applying the three-station FLN36 load switch, it is a new generation of compact and scalable metal-enclosed switchgear that uses SF6 load switch as the main switch. The cabinet is air-insulated and is suitable for automatic power distribution.
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KYN28A-12-Type Armored Removable Indoor Metal Enclosed Switch
The equipment is a new product designed and developed by our company on top of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technologies.
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SF6 Series Fully-Insulated and Fully-Enclosed Inflatable Metal Switchgear
The SF6 series fully insulated and fully enclosed inflatable metal switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the inflatable cabinet) is a completely insulated system, with all live parts and switches sealed in the stainless steel housing.
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