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GZDW DC Screen System
GZDW DC Screen System As a high-frequency switch DC system and supporting electrical equipment suitable for various substations, it is designed and developed by our high-caliber development team that possesses rich field experience and many years of experience in development of power supply products and online operation of extensive user equipment.
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Intelligent DC Charging Pile of Electric Vehicles
DC charger: refers to a charger that uses the DC charging mode to charge the power battery assembly of electric vehicles. The DC charging mode is a mode in which the controllable DC power output from the charger directly charges the power battery assembly.
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XM-Type Distribution Box
XM lighting metering and distribution box is suitable for single-phase, three-wire or three-phase five-wire end circuits with a rated voltage of 220V or 380V and the total current on single row load not more than 80A. It is used to control and distribute electrical equipment, and protect against overloaded wires, short circuit, electric leak