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HKCS series intelligent dehumidifier

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  Product description

  The HKCS series intelligent dehumidification device adopts semiconductor refrigeration and dehumidification method, actively sucks the humid air in the enclosed space under the action of the fan into the dehumidification air duct, the water vapor in the air passes through the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism and condenses into water, and then exits the cabinet through the water guide , Can achieve a good dehumidification effect. By reducing the water content in the air, the relative humidity and absolute humidity are reduced at the same time, and the temperature is hardly increased, and the negative effects caused by the temperature difference are not generated, and the occurrence of accidents is fundamentally eliminated or reduced, and the cabinet is not accelerated due to high temperature. Aging of devices and cabinets. The intelligent dehumidification device changes the passive prevention of condensation to active guidance of condensation, effectively preventing hidden safety hazards such as equipment aging, reduced insulation strength, secondary terminal breakdown, material mildew, and corrosion of steel structural parts in the cabinet to ensure the power grid safe operation.


  Model Description


  1. Temperature and humidity monitoring and display function, dehumidification / low temperature threshold can be set;

  2. Quickly reduce the humidity inside the switch cabinet, and the water is directly discharged outside the cabinet;

  3. Low temperature input contact: all the way passive input input;

  4. Dehumidification control method: manual / automatic;

  5. Communication function and dehumidification fault alarm function.

     Working principle

  The HKCS series intelligent dehumidification device is composed of power supply system, air supply system, semiconductor refrigerator, temperature and humidity detection control circuit, heating circuit, wireless module and drainage pipeline.

  1. Principle of dehumidification

  When the moist air is sucked in by the fan, it flows through the specially designed air duct, and the condensation is first cooled by the semiconductor refrigerator. The condensation of the refrigerator drops into the water trough under the action of gravity, and then flows out of the cabinet through the water guide pipe. Within the set start value, after sufficient circulation dehumidification, the humidity of the air in the cabinet is reduced to below the dew point, and the entire process of heating and condensation prevention is completed. At the same time, the signal collection sensor of the intelligent dehumidification device is external, which can accurately collect the real humidity in the cabinet in real time, ensuring that the intelligent dehumidification device will start dehumidification in advance when the dew condensation condition will be reached in the cabinet.


  2. Low temperature heating function

  When the cabinet temperature is lower than the set start value, the dehumidifier starts the internal heater circuit (the heater is connected externally, the power can be connected to 50 ~ 500W), until the cabinet temperature rises to the set start value plus 5 ° C The heater circuit stopped working.


  3. RS485 communication function

  When the dehumidifier with RS485 communication function receives the data from the host computer, it will reply the data to the host computer immediately after analyzing the data. One host computer can connect up to 200 units (the host computer recommends that a 120-ohm load be indirectly connected to A and B) resistance).

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