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Unattended Mine Measurement System

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  The unattended mine measurement system is a remote and centralized measuring control system enabled through the network video monitoring and corresponding equipment management of the measurement process along with advanced software technical support. It has the following features such as full-process information monitoring, full-process dual-track of data, business penetration, all-rounded anti-cheating design, uninterrupted logistics, and paperless bills. The system creates a brand-new measurement operation and management mode for enterprises and the discrete manufacturing industry.

  The weighing system enables automatic and reliable collection, automatic judgment, automatic command, automatic processing, and automatic control of measurement data during the whole process. The unattended mine measurement system minimizes the disadvantages and workload of manual operation, and makes the system more information-based and automatic:

  1. Administrative departments can have a knowledge of the current production and logistics status through the summary reports in the system;

  2. The financial settlement department can get clear and accurate settlement statements;

  3. The warehouse management department can learn about the receipt and delivery of goods.

  These report data can be traced at any time, so it also strengthens the consistency of management, shortens the response time of decision making regarding production, improves management efficiency, reduces operating costs, and promotes corporate information management. All these advantages have been proven in practical applications.



  (1) Tailor-made: We can customize the system for customers according to their specific requirements and the actual situation, and develop an unattended intelligent truck scale weighing system according to the specific work process of customers and the actual situation and requirements.

  (2) Acquisition module: The unattended intelligent weighing system is designed with an open interface protocol to be compatible with various domestic and international truck scales used by domestic factories, mines, customs, ports, etc.  

  (3) Realize two-way scaling intelligent weighing: This system allows for two-way scaling of trucks for weighing, and enables intelligent unattended weighing in both directions.

  (4) Long-distance bluetooth automatic identification subsystem - electronic anti-cheating module for license plates. The electronic identification distance is above 15 meters, and the system can automatically identify the license plate number, model, owner, transportation company and other information about the scaled truck, while telling the legality of scaling. A legal and authorized vehicle will pass the scale smoothly, while an illegal vehicle is not allowed to pass the scale.

  (5) Anti-tare-cheating module: As for the measurement of material supply and finished product sales, the unattended intelligent weighing system adopts intelligent anti-tare-cheating measures that can intelligently judge on the tare of vehicles and eliminate the possibility of tare cheating.

  (6) Anti-cheating module via instant snapshot of the head, carriage and rear of the vehicle. The system combines images with the weighing software and images are embedded into the software interface. At the moment of vehicle weighing (tare weight), the system will take three snapshots of the head, rear and carriage of the vehicle, which will be shown on the software interface at the time of the second weighing.

  (7) The unattended intelligent weighing system has a unique voice reporting function, which will broadcast the weight through the voice system after the measurement is completed.

  (8) Automatic vehicle access system - automatic barrier module:

  1. Realize the standardized management of scaled vehicles and the access control for non-scaled vehicles.

  2. Block devices are installed on two truck scales and entrances, including: automatic barrier, barrier gate, anti-smashing coil, vehicle detector, intelligent switching control unit and intelligent controller.

  3. The intelligent switching control unit have three control modes for barriers and rails: microcomputer control, manual control and remote control.

  4. When a legal vehicle completes the weighing according to the procedure, the barrier gate will automatically be lifted.

  (9) The intelligent access system has an anti-smashing function. When a vehicle passes beneath the barrier gate, the system will automatically detect that there is a vehicle under the gate through the ground sensing coil and the vehicle detector. Then the system will sent an OPEN signal to order the gate to stay opened until the vehicle leaves.

  (10) Infrared anti-cheating module: The system will refuse the weighing and issue a voice warning when the vehicle is cheating, including that the vehicle does not completely run onto the scale; its wheels deviate from the scale on both sides; or an additional weight is on the scale.

  (11) Allow for data inquiry by different conditions, such as queries by license plate number, shift, delivery unit, time, or by a combination of conditions. The system also allows for the printing of many kinds of reports including daily reports and monthly reports in many formats. Reports can be printed based on the query results, or according to the individual requirements of customers.

  (12) Weighing on multiple truck scales

  A vehicle can weigh its tare weight and gross weight at different truck scales. The data of different scales is upgraded in real time to effectively improve the utilization rate of scales. The system can automatically output the measurement data as EXCEL reports and sent them to the computers of a designated department through the Internet.


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