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Solution to Mine Automatic Drainage Control System

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  The unattended automation system of the central pump room in the mine has the following functions and features: the system enables complete automation of start-stop, fault diagnosis and data processing of the pump unit without human intervention. It can save energy resource and human resource, and can work continuously and stably for a long time


System Functions:

1. The central controller is used to monitor the operation of the pump room facilities online, automatically and manually control the start and stop of the pump and the opening and closing of the gate valve. It also boasts a self-diagnosis function, which can realize the unattended operation of the pump room.

2. The control system is connected to mine industry Ethernet network to share information between the monitoring subsystem of pump and the monitoring system of the entire mine, so as to meet the requirements of automatic control of the mine.

3. The central controller adopts the industrial-grade PLC and advanced process control software to comprehensively consider all kinds of safety information in the mine and realize the optimal control strategy of the underground drainage monitoring system. The mine monitoring system incorporates all the data related to the alarm, information display and report summarization and processing of the underground drainage monitoring system.

4. On the site of the pump room, a computer graphic interface is combined with on-site operations to simplify operation and status display to the greatest extent.

5. The rotation of pumps is automatic according to the principle of water level control.

6. Determine the time of starting or closing the pump by the principle of “load shifting” while considering the water level of the water bunker and the power load information of the whole mine.

7. A variety of communication protocols are selectable for the system and can be interconnected with the system, and reprogramming of the software can be completed in the control room.

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