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Solution to Mine Belt Monitoring System

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System Overview:

  The mine-specific belt transportation monitoring system is suitable for the harsh environment in the mine or on the ground. It can centrally monitor the transportation system composed of single or multiple belt conveyors and related equipment, and realize soft start, soft stop, power balance, automatic tensioning, controllable breaking and down breaking according to the characteristics of belt conveyors, so that the transportation system can enable automatic control and energy conservation.


Functional features:

  It can centrally monitor and control the transportation and related equipment composed of single or multiple belt conveyors;

  Comprehensive protection device for highly-reliable belt conveyors Equipped with complete detection and protection functions, with comprehensive protection for emergency stop lock, slip (overspeed), deviation, broken belt, vertical tear, blockage, full warehouse, overtemperature, sprinkler, smoke, lower limit of tension, etc.;

  Realize the on-site display of the cause and type of failure; with emergency stop, voice communication and alarm along the line;

  Equipped with a network video camera to realize video monitoring;

  Automatic control function to automatically control the mechanical and electrical equipment of the belt conveyor such as motors, driving equipment, brakes, tensioning devices, etc.;

  The Internet accessibility can upload the underground control and protection information to the centralized control center for remote control.

  Apply a fully distributed control structure, and the system is rather secure. When a control failure occurs on the surface part, the underground part can still operate automatically; video, voice and control connection; the system has strong anti-interference ability.

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