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Solution to Mine Personnel Location System

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System Overview:

  Solution to Mine Personnel Location System utilizing the latest wireless network transmission technology in the world, we can truly achieve the precise positioning of underground personnel. It can provide a ton of data and graphic information, monitor the current position and walking path of underground personnel and equipment from the ground in real time, count the number and distribution of underground personnel, and provide checking-in according to the actual situation of the coal mine. As a result, the safe production monitoring center can keep abreast of the locations of various elements for safe production before an accident happens, so that it can take effective preventive measures. After the accident, it can quickly retrieve the specific location of the underground personnel at the time of the accident, or even for a considerable period after the accident, so as to formulate timely and effective rescue measures and implement effective on-site rescue.

Functional features:

The maximum displacement speed is 10m/s.

The number of concurrent identification is greater than 80.

The missed reading rate is not greater than 10-4.

   Maximum transmission distance

  a) The reliable wireless transmission distance between the identification card and the substation is 500m;

  b) The maximum transmission distance between the substation and the transmission interface is not less than 10km;

   Maximum monitoring capacity

  a) The number of substations allowed to be accessed by the system is 64;

  b) The number of identification cards is 8000.

  The maximum inspection cycle of the system is not greater than 30s.

  The bit error rate is not greater than 10-8.

  Storage time

  a) The time when the card-carrying personnel enter / exit the well, enter / exit the key area, enter / exit the restricted area, enter the identification area, enter / exit a lane branch, and the direction, overrun, overtime, abnormal work, card number, name, ID card number, age, job title or job type, team in the district, and main work place. All the data will be kept for more than 1 year.

  b) The time of data storage time in the substation is not less than 2h.

  Picture response time: It takes not more than 2s to show 85% of the whole picture, and no more than 5s to show the whole picture

  Dual-machine switching time: It takes not more than 5min from the failure of the working host to the normal operation of the standby host.

  Identification card battery life: The battery is replaceable, and the identification card battery can operate continuously for not less than 6 months.

  Working time of standby power supply: After the power outage, the standby power supply can ensure not less than 2h of continuous monitoring of the system.

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