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Solution to Air-Compressed Water Supply Self-Rescue System in Mine

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Air-Compressed Self-Rescue System

System introduction: In order to improve the mine safety protection, an air-compressed self-rescue system needs to be installed in the underground mine according to the relevant regulations and requirements of the State Administration of Work Safety. On the basis of establishing the air-compressed system according to the design requirements, we have set up a completed air-compressed self-rescue system to offer compressed air supply in excavation sites in case of catastrophes, so that underground workers can breathe in fresh air and save themselves in a disaster.

System composition: The air-compressed self-rescue system is designed based on the existing basis and calculation requirements of the air-compressed system to supply compressed air to excavation sites during a catastrophe. The system is composed of: air compressor, water collector, air supply pipeline, valve, gas-water separator, air-compressed self-rescue device (including decompression, throttling, noise reduction, filtration, switch and other components and protective bags or masks).


Water Supply and Rescue System

System introduction: The water supply and rescue system must be able to supply water at the excavation sites and places where people are gathered during disasters. In addition, when an accident occurs, the system must provide people trapped in the underground sites and shelter chambers (venues) with normal water supply so that they have a better opportunity to be rescued.

System composition: The system consists of clean water source, water supply pipe network, tee pipes, valve, filtering device, and other devices necessary for monitoring the water supply pipe network system.

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