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Solution to Automatic Mine Monitoring System

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System Overview:

    It is to establish a comprehensive mine automation system based on the principles of application-oriented, man-machine collaboration, information sharing security and confidentiality, unified planning and phased implementation, adaptation to change and relative stability, which effectively guarantees safe production in mines, improves production efficiency, and reduces operating costs. The automatic mine monitoring system solution is based on an integrated management platform, which mainly composes 16 subsystems including the moving target tracking system and the centralized control system for main transportation belts.

  Among them, the mine-specific moving target tracking system consists of a ground center station, a transmitter, a wireless data monitoring station, a receiving probe and power supply, cable, transmission interface and other auxiliary equipment. It has functions including personnel monitoring and query, overtime alarm, attendance recording, and information networking.

  The centralized control system for main transportation belts features high security; the system supports multiple PLCs to form a control network; perfect information processing functions; selectable communication methods; a host computer can be used to monitor the operation of the entire system; there are three working modes of the system: automatic, manual and maintenance; the deviation switch is used for the monitoring and protection of belt transportation deviation, which is used in pairs; a variety of advanced sensors are used to make the system more efficient and stable; a perfect console display; the system is equipped with an amplified telephone and voice alarm; with data communication function; real-time alarm on the fault status of each device and necessary sensors; query and printing of real-time trends and historical trends of any time period.


Functional Features:

  The backbone network adopts the Gigabit Ethernet fiber ring network mode, and the branch network adopts a star-shaped structure connection, which not only ensures the network bandwidth, but also fully utilizes the bandwidth resources, giving full play to the advantages of the “three networks in one” and improving the informatization level of coal mines;

   Unified data collection and hierarchical management to avoid information isolation between systems, making it possible for systems to interact;

  The entire system is composed of modular subsystems, featuring hierarchical data management, good compatibility, and high scalability;

  The moving target tracking system for mines has the advantages of "zero burden" for the tested target, simple structure, flexible configuration, and resource saving;

  The centralized control system for main transportation belts adopts a fully distributed control structure, with networking and expansion functions.

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