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MRH series low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet

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  Product description

  MRH low-voltage reactive power compensation cabinet is designed in accordance with the principles of safety, economy, reasonableness and reliability. It is widely used in power users such as power plants, substations, factories and mines, high-rise buildings and so on. In AC 50HZ, rated work

  It is used as a capacitor compensation power distribution equipment control in a power distribution system with a voltage of 380V. Improve the power factor of the power grid, reduce line losses, improve voltage quality, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of power grid equipment.

  Structural features

  • The MRH low-voltage reactive power compensation cabinet adopts the general cabinet form, and the frame is assembled by cold-formed steel partial welding.

  • The MRH cabinet fully considers the problem of heat dissipation. There are heat dissipation windows on the upper and lower ends of the cabinet. Fans are installed on the top of the cabinet to force heat dissipation. When the electrical components in the cabinet heat up, the heat rises and is quickly removed by the fan, while the cold wind is continuously discharged from the lower heat dissipation window Replenishment into the cabinet, so that the sealed cabinet forms a natural ventilation channel from bottom to top to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

  • The MRH cabinet is designed according to the requirements of modern industrial product design, using the golden ratio method to design the cabinet shape and the partition size of each part, so that the whole cabinet is beautiful and elegant.

  • The top cover of the cabinet can be removed when needed to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the main busbar on site. The four corners of the top of the cabinet are equipped with lifting rings for lifting and shipping.






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