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MR capacitor

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MR capacitor

  The MKK capacitor has a self-healing function. It uses dry winding and is installed in an aluminum cylinder. Its dielectric is a low-loss metallized polypropylene film. Due to the use of new technology in winding manufacturing, the performance of the capacitor is greatly improved. The capacitor is composed of three sets of capacitors, which are electrically insulated and concentrically arranged on the aluminum die. The three sets of capacitors can be star-connected or delta-connected. The structure and test of the capacitor are carried out according to EN60831-1. Due to the dry structure, the capacitor can be installed in any place, and the interior is filled with a protective gas (nitrogen) which is non-flammable.

  MKK capacitors have built-in discharge resistors, which can discharge the capacitor voltage below 50V within 3 minutes.

  The voltage rating of the terminal and the shell reaches 3 / -KV.

  MKK capacitors are equipped with overpressure expansion fuses. If the fault point repeatedly heals itself, causing the internal pressure to rise and reach a certain value, the expansion fuse will act. At this time, the fuse is broken at the designed break. Expansion fuses can safely disconnect capacitors from the power system.

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