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MR controller

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  MR controller

  Product description

  Pro-Con / Dynamic series low-voltage three-phase common-compensation power factor controller uses a large-screen, white-backlit Chinese LCD display. Real-time display of power grid power factor, voltage, current, active power, voltage harmonic total distortion rate, current harmonic total distortion rate, frequency and capacitor switching status and other information. A variety of compensation methods and switching methods can achieve equal volume cyclic switching, fuzzy switching and linear switching. It has two working modes, manual and automatic compensation. Scalable communication and temperature protection. The performance of the whole machine conforms to "DL / T597-1996 low-voltage reactive power compensator order technical conditions". Anti-interference is in accordance with "GB / T15153.1-1998 Sports Terminal and System Part 2 Part 1 Power and Electromagnetic Compatibility"

  Product Features

  Perform 4-quadrant measurement and continuously monitor inductive / capacitive loads

  DFT measures reactive power and is used in power grids with high harmonic distortion

  Measurement, display and monitoring of line voltage and current, active and reactive power, harmonic voltage and current, line frequency, internal temperature, etc.


  Maximum storage

  Adjust the target power factor within the range of 0.80 (lag) to 1-0.80 (lead)

  Input the rate change value from the outside through the communication port

  Programmable discharge time and cut-off delay

  Can choose to switch manually

  Up to three fixed adjustment levels can be programmed

  After the grid is interrupted for more than 15ms, the pressure is released

  The target power factor is not reached, an alarm is issued

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